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Warning: this post may not be suitable for everyone.  If you are a wood purist, you will think I’m crazy, become perturbed and/or gasp in horror. Read on with caution.

I got to my favorite thrift store early and waited in line for them to open. There she is!


I throw my arms around her claiming my prize while yelling for Nestor (yes, I know the employees names and they know mine) to write me a ticket.  She’s in decent shape with only a few veneer chips and a missing drawer pull. From her price and condition, I can tell she is not a fine antique but she is pretty.  However, any semi experienced furniture fixer-upper person could patch the veneer and make this baby shine but, nooooo, not me.

Paint is my thing and I knew American Paint Company products would make it super, ultra, awesomely gorgeous! The hardest part is choosing two of the 32 colors.American Paint Company Color Chart

She sat in my studio waiting patiently for her makeover while I tried to decide.

Okay, so I played it safe and decided on Navajo White and Smoke Signal.


I’m ready with my favorite brushes and a cup of water for thinning. I am not a can dipper, it’s not good for the paint. I like my paint thick and fresh. But I knew I’d be using up these colors in the next few days so I dipped away.


I started with a coat of Smoke Signal on the sexy curves and a wash of Navajo White for the insets.


I wasn’t sure which direction to go so I tried it with a few different looks. I love the look of Navajo White over the wood but not so much on the Smoke Signal.


With APC it’s easy to call a do over! Quickly before it cured, I just used a wet rag and rubbed the paint off.


I use paint brushes in all shapes and sizes.  My favorite paint brush is my hand, and I always know where it is.


To create authenticity I blobbed (technical term) Navajo White along the detail.


With the drawers Navajo White and the detail Smoke Signal she looks a bit more balanced.


I sat back admiring her new look thinking about a finish. It was nearly dinnertime so I decided on clear Top Coat. This stuff dries in like 20 minutes! I use this great can top to keep the Top Coat fresh (it now comes in a bottle).


Here she is, very lightly distressed. I used a 1000 grit paper for a quick rub down, Top Coat leaves a baby butt smooth finish.  Isn’t she a beauty?

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4 Comments to “To Paint or Not to Paint”

  1. Sue says:

    I guess I’m a wood purist because I find this horrible. I was looking through an Annie Sloan book and realize I don’t care for what she terms the French or Scandinavian looks. The mottled appearance of the paint just bugs me for some reason. But—-you know what? So what! Differences are what makes the world go round and yes, I do actually buy some of this paint and use it! Go figure.

    • Donna says:

      LOL, I don’t love all painted finishes either. I tend to go for a sleeker smoother look than some of the others. The client loves this piece in her home.

      • Sue says:

        Hey-if the client is happy then you have achieved your goal! Personal preference creates a larger product availability. Dull world if we all liked the same things.

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