Fireworks and BeachBold and Beautiful Beach Glass and Fireworks Red

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  If there is anything I love as much as painting a beautiful buffet it’s a curvy sexy desk/vanity. I found this beauty on a local  swap meet facebook page. I wanted it. The photo shows that it has a bit of veneer damage, no problem! What a great piece to use with my new […]

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blog2To Paint or Not to Paint

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Warning: this post may not be suitable for everyone.  If you are a wood purist, you will think I’m crazy, become perturbed and/or gasp in horror. Read on with caution. I got to my favorite thrift store early and waited in line for them to open. There she is! I throw my arms around her claiming my prize […]

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  It was early one Saturday morning and I was doing what I do. Trolling CL and trying not to spill my coffee… when…. uh, there it is FREE FURNITURE. “Pat, get dressed – NO, don’t shower LET’S GO! We jump in the SUV (no truck, long story) and head out. After about 20 minutes of […]

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